Coil Spring Suspension Conversion Kits

Convert Your Air Suspension To A Coil Spring Suspension
End Your Air Suspension Problems Forever…

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Air suspension coil conversion kits are a money saving alternative to replacing a failed air ride suspension system which are guaranteed to fail at some point. Air Suspension Conversion Kits work by replacing your air ride parts with a coil spring system. Coil springs are specifically designed to fit the vehicles suspension and replace the air spring bags.

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Air Suspension Conversion Kits:

  • Mercedes Benz CL500 4-Wheel
  • Mercedes Benz SL500 4-Wheel
  • Mercedes Benz E500 RWD 4 Wheel
  • Mercedes Benz S430 4-Wheel
  • Ford Expedition
  • Lincoln Town Car (Rear)
  • Lincoln Continental (Front)
  • Lincoln Mark VIII
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Cadillac De Ville
  • Range Rover
  • Lexus LS400
  • Mercury Grand Marquis
  • call for your make and model details…

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Air suspension systems will give you with a smooth ride as long as they are working properly. However, when they are not working properly it can be very costly to repair a broken air suspension system. The majority of the parts in a factory air suspension system are interconnected. When one part of the system breaks it will often cause damage to other parts of the system causing a chain reaction of broken components.

cracks in air suspension system airbagTypically between 3 to 7 years the air springs/air bags, air lines and air shocks start to get cracks and leaks due to age, weather and use. These small leaks are usually not noticeable because the air suspension compressor makes up for the loss of air by working for longer bouts of time. The air suspension compressor was not made to run on a continuous basis, which will cause it to quickly burn out. Meanwhile as the cracks in the air springs get worse moisture then gets into the air system. The air suspension system has a dryer that is designed to remove moisture from the air system. It is filled with tiny silicon pellets that are extra absorbent. However over a span of time the dryer becomes soaked and can no longer hold back the moisture from reaching the compressor. This will cause the compressor to burn out.

The moisture can also weaken the rubber used in the air springs and air shocks. When this happens you will need to replace not only the air springs but also your air suspension compressor and dryer. This can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 to repair the air suspension system. Unfortunately it is not guaranteed permanent fix to the problem.

The solution to this expensive problem is replacing your air suspension system with a coil suspension system with a coil suspension conversion kit. Coil Spring Conversion kits will eliminate your air suspension problems forever.

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